Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Savvy-Delights retreat layouts

So, better late than never, right?! Here are some of the layouts I did at last year's retreat....

1952 - My aunty and great aunties a long time ago. I love the fashion back then :)

Across the miles - Laura and I during our trip to USA in 2011.

Everything - This song title by Michael Buble seemed appropriate for this photo of my boys. They listen to his CD every night when they go to bed. It must be his voice that lulls them to sleep...

Family consists of... me and my 3 precious boys.

Few things can match the thrill of a marathon - and I stick by that quote!

On show at the IPAC - Jared's kindergarten class performed a dance routine at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre in June 2012. I was one of those proud teary mum's in the audience!

Oops.... STACK! Ah well, boys will be boys...

S&A - Sarah and Alicia, what would I do without them?!

My boys - ok so another unoriginal title lol.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I love the scrap (I hope that's the lingo) of Jared & Mason on the boardwalk, nice photo. But they are all good! Where do you find the patience ?

    1. Thanks Mill. That one was a Laura photo when we were in Florida :)

      I don't know about "patience"! I think its just the way I express my creative side??

  2. Love them all Linda, loved them in real life too! Can't wait to get scrapping again this year xxx