Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just missed out, but still happy :)

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I ran the 2011 SMH Half Marathon with my training partner, Nella. Although we just missed out on the time that we were aiming for (1hr45), we were really happy with the result: We completed the 21.1km hilly course in 1 hour 46 minutes and 10 seconds. Click here for our stats. Three months of training led up to the run and we trained hard. But it was a big ask to run under 5 minute k's for the entire distance....

We stayed the night in the city and when we got to the start line at 6:15am, it was still dark. And cold. 13,500 people had turned up ready to run! When the gun went, we took off at a good pace and went through the first km in 4:50min... then over the bridge at circular quay, the sound of all the footsteps pounding on the road was just amazing. It kept us going and we flew through the first 5km in 24:20min (4:51min/km pace) well within our target.

Nella and I before the run.

A few drink stations later, we passed the 10km mark in just over 49mins (a PB for me over that distance!). Still going strong and on target to make our dream time. We started to struggle a little when it seemed that every time we turned a corner, there was another hill! At the 14km mark, we decided to have an energy gel - we had made it to this point in 70 mins and were now right on target - but had slowed down substantially. Up until now, it had felt like the kilometres had just flown by. It was now that we would have to dig deep to maintain the pace... and it was hard!! I don't think there was a point where I felt I had hit the wall, but between the 16 to 19km mark was a big struggle. The legs felt heavy, our breathing was laboured. We were tired!

Me and Nella at the 19km mark and rounding the corner at Mrs Macquarie's Chair

After 19km we were on the home stretch and we picked up the pace again. Passing the 20km mark, Nella told me to run on ahead if I felt I could but I was not going to let her give up.... We had come this far together, we should finish this together - and I was just as stuffed as her! So we kept running.... and at the final turnaround point Nella asked "are we going to make our time?" I replied, "I don't know, but lets try!".... and try we did!

We crossed the line together in 1:46:10. Very happy. Very excited. And with even more determination to achieve more running goals!

Finished at last!

That was almost 2 weeks ago and I think I am still recovering from that run! Two days of unbelievably sore legs followed by tiredness. But it was so worth it!

Now onto the next goal.....

No wonder I have no time to scrap LOL!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oops! Late again...

to show off the May 15th Stuck Sketch:

.... and here is my take "Just us" of me and my gorgeous boys going for a swim on our holiday to Queensland last year. I just love this photo:

Really happy with this LO... sadly, I have no more to share as I haven't had the time to put into scrapping lately. Hopefully that will change soon :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day...

and can you believe I didn't take one photo?! Not one! And I call myself a scrapper.... hopeless! Well now I have that off my chest, I had a pretty good Mothers day, started off with a big smile and "Happy Mothers Day!!" from my big boy Jared... he was so excited and raced into the kitchen to get the book he made me at pre-school. It had a painted picture of our family and he had written "To Mum, I love you from Jared". I also got a book by Ultramarathon runner, Dean Karnazes entitled "RUN!". This was Anthony's idea and probably the perfect present for me lol!

Then, we rushed into Wollongong for the Mothers Day Classic 5km fun run. Such nice weather for it too! Here is a photo of me and my running partner, Nella approaching the finish line thanks to another running friend, Pasco:

Nella and I have been training together for the half marathon that is now only a week away! It has been great having someone to share the training and diet talks and even better that we have pretty much been running the same pace!

Then Anthony had to go to work (not liking this shift anymore....) so the boys and I went to visit my mum with flowers and gifts in hand for coffee and a light lunch. The day ended with a visit to my mother in law for a freshly made pasta dinner - YUM! So now this happy Mummy is going to eat some easter chocolates (yes, STILL some left...) before retiring to bed to start my new book!!!

Oh and before I sign off, I actually broke the 3 week drought and scrapped last night! It was a must on National Scrapbooking Day lol! One LO done... yeh, I know I could do better.... I will post a picture soon :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another gorgeous sketch...

is now over at Stuck?! Sketches, designed by the very talented Julie Winks:

I loved working with this sketch and here is my take of Mason making "Silly faces" at the dinner table!

Well... lucky I have these sketches to keep me busy otherwise I may have no LO's to show! Been rather slow on the scrapbooking front lately... BUT the good news is we have our built in wardrobes installed in the kids room and the Study/Scrap room!!! Hooray!!! Which means... once we get all those boxes unpacked, I will have my own space to scrap. Finally!

Better get unpacking :)