Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another gorgeous sketch...

is now over at Stuck?! Sketches, designed by the very talented Julie Winks:

I loved working with this sketch and here is my take of Mason making "Silly faces" at the dinner table!

Well... lucky I have these sketches to keep me busy otherwise I may have no LO's to show! Been rather slow on the scrapbooking front lately... BUT the good news is we have our built in wardrobes installed in the kids room and the Study/Scrap room!!! Hooray!!! Which means... once we get all those boxes unpacked, I will have my own space to scrap. Finally!

Better get unpacking :)


  1. Your take on the sketch is perfect. I love the touch of blue and that squishy face, how cute!

  2. Can't wait till your scrap room is set up...you won't know yourself!!