Sunday, January 20, 2013

A new year and some new goals

My crazy family. Source: Ready 2 Rock Entertainment (Photobooth)
A little late on the new years post - needed to get everything straight in my head, and then get it all down on paper so to speak.

I love the start of a new year. It's like the beginning of a new chapter in your life... a time to reflect on the year that has been and to think about ways to improve the way we live our lives.

-- Brief interuption here -- this is quite a long post that details my goals for 2013. I just wrote it to keep as a record for me. So stop reading any time you get bored... really... I won't be offended lol. Ok, with that out of the way, I will continue...

There were so many changes for me and my little family in 2012. At the beginning of last year, I made several goals. Things didn't go quite as planned.... but that's ok... I suppose that is what makes life interesting.

I had high hopes for running but only achieved half of those goals. What I didn't realise was how much I would learn about the importance of rest and recovery... and the value of a well thought out training program.  I have never really been injured, apart from a few minor niggles, but 2012 brought with it my first real injury.  And it hurt. Both physically and mentally.

Although I did not achieve what I set out to, I am not disappointed. At all! I am proud of the marathon I ran in April and that I finally ran a sub 23 minute 5km (Official time: 22:32mins WOOHOO!!!) Still, it would be awesome to run a marathon in under 4 hours. But not this year. In 2013 the plan is to focus on getting faster! So, I will aim to:

  • Complete the Australia Day aquathon individual short course;
  • Run personal best times in 5km, 10km, City to Surf and a half marathon.

I don't expect to achieve ALL of these goals but I will have a go. I love a bit of a challenge. Keeps you alive!

Changing up my training program will be a huge factor this year and if you know me, then you know that I HATE weight training. So, I have hopefully conquered that issue by joining a gym with my bestie Sar so that I can do the bodypump classes :) All looking good so far!

Ummm... yes, well. 2011 I attempted to scrap once a week, 2012 it was once a fortnight. Both years began well but you know... life got in the way! Since my term on the Stuck?! Sketches DT came to an end, so, it seems did my scrapping. BUT, my exciting news is that I am now part of the Inspired Blueprints DT - woohooooooo! I am so happy to be part of the team and really looking forward to creating new layouts based on sketches by Lisa Warren

In 2013, my focus will be just to enjoy my scrapbooking :)

I just laugh now because during 2012, I read some awesome books and have now become obsessed with reading. Here is the list of books I read:

1. The girl who played with fire
2. The girl who kicked the hornets nest
3/4/5.  The Bronze Horseman Trilogy
6. Born to run
7/8/9. The hunger games trilogy
10. The wedding season
11. School of thought (work in progress written by my mum)
12. The lovely bones
13. The happiest refugee

I am now part of a bookclub and have even purchased a kindle which will no doubt keep me busy and never without a good book to read!

In one of my previous posts, I showed a 3D image of our new house which does not yet exist.  This year, this house will take priority. So much to organise, but here's to getting our new house built! Woo!

I think it goes with being a working mum that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be that supermum who is good at her job, a role model for her children, fit and healthy and keeps an organised home.... whilst taking everything in her stride. But in reality, I struggle everyday. My life often feels like a constant rush. Always struggling with what to put as a priority. Always trying to cope with feelings of guilt if I sneak out for a quick run or if I have to leave work at 5 on the dot, leaving that project unfinished that really should have been done last week!  It's just wanting to fit in everything you want to do in your life whilst trying to keep the rest of the family (and your boss) happy. 

This year, I just want to make sure that when it all gets too much, I allow myself to take a step back and remember what is most important and appreciate the little things like the painting my 3 year old brings home for me, or the mother's day card my 6 year old made at school and tried hiding down his shirt when I picked him up (but it was sticking out the top of his shirt), or when my husband asks me every night if I want a cup of tea, even though he knows I don't drink tea, but asks anyway, just in case I change my mind!

I want to spend less time being impatient - now that will be a challenge! Again, by taking a step back and perhaps a deep breath when a stroke of impatience hits... and lastly, attempting to make a difference in other peoples lives, even if it's just a smile through random acts of kindness.

Last year, I said I would try something new... well, I am not sure I actually made a knowing attempt to do that so that will be something for this year perhaps?! And, well, that's it for me... looking forward to achieving a lot in 2013 :)

Did you make any new years goals?

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  1. I have confidence in you that you can achieve all of the above!