Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aquathon Training

I thought I would talk about some of the training I've been doing for the Australia Day Aquathon that is being held at Belmore Basin, Wollongong... as running and keeping fit is quite important to me :)

I've competed in the aquathon before but never as an individual. I have always competed as a team with my husband in the short course - he would swim and I would run. So, to do the swim AND run is my first fitness challenge for the year. This is why I have decided to do the short course - 400m swim followed by a 3km run. I have no doubt I can swim 400m but to do it in the harbour is what I am worried about. So part of my training is to do a few swims in the harbour before the big event.

It's hard to keep motivated to train and eat well over the Christmas and New Year period... it is also difficult for me to get out and train with our hectic lifestyle and my husbands work hours, but I have managed to train about 3-5 times per week. I am very lucky to have a supportive husband who is also competing in the event!

Here is the training program I have tried to stick to since November (although I do miss one or two training days each week):

MON - Rest or easy swim (usually about 10-14 laps)
TUE - Interval training. Example: 5 minute warm up jog then Run fast 75sec, jog 150sec, Run fast 60sec, jog 2mins & repeat this 3-4 times. 5 minute warm down jog.
WED - 500m Swim & 3-5km Run
THUR - 5-8km Run
FRI - Swim 20 laps
SAT - 40 mins Pilates
SUN - Short Run

This year, I my aim is to just compete in the event and have fun. I have no time goals.

And to end this post... here is a LO of me running the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon:

I hope this post inspires you to start a fitness program or continue training for your fitness goals. I love running :)

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  1. You are an inspiration Linda!!! Whishing you all the best for Australia day!

    Love the LO too