Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's that time of the running year again...

Yep, the 2012 CITY TO SURF will be held on Sunday 12th August and I can't wait! This will be my 6th city to surf run and I am hoping to run a personal best. There, I said it! I haven't had as much race preparation this year as I did last year, but between then and now, I managed to fit in two marathons, both of which I am very proud. The time and training for those marathons took a huge toll on my body and I feel like I have really only just recovered from Canberra way back in April.  I guess we will find out on Sunday!

Anthony and I after running the 2010 C2S
(LO Class by Anthea Peterson at Savvy-Delights Retreat)

So, my time to beat is 68:22- my PB and the time I surprised myself with last year. A huge jump from the first city to surf I ran in 2003 in a time of 85:16!  I put that down to all those Tuesday training sessions and races with Kembla Joggers.  Oh how I used to dread even the 2km warm up run, let alone the intervals!

I just love the atmosphere of city to surf.  There is no other race like it! Over 80,000 people take part and raise money for charity.  I am lucky enough to be in the Illawarra Coal team with my husband Anthony. We have run in this team together for the past three years. This year they are raising money for Prostate cancer and all money raised by the participants is matched through their Matched Giving Program - a fantastic initiative! 

This year after the run, we will be glued to the TV watching the Olympic men's marathon.  Just spare a thought for Michael Shelley and Martin Dent who will be competing.  Michael Shelley placed 2nd in City to Surf in 2011 and 2010.  Martin Dent was 3rd in 2011, and 4th in 2010.  Jessica Trengove, last years female winner raced in the women's marathon and placed 39th last weekend.

The 2010 C2S winner, Ben St Lawrence raced in the men's 10,000m a few days ago and placed 20th with a time of 28:32mins. Just goes to show the quality of athletes that take part in the event.

I wonder who will win it this year?

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