Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running update :)

I haven't posted about running since Canberra in April.  Much has happened since then. Always a learning experience.  My recovery after the Canberra marathon was very different than after Sydney.  Yes, I was sore, but I felt great! I went back to yoga and was running 4 days after... then I made the mistake of racing a week later. Big mistake! I had what was similar to a cramp in my calf during the last 10km of the marathon and that pain would return everytime I would push myself in a run.  I tried to do too much and paid the price.

Four weeks after the marathon, I was still hurting. I felt like a wreck everytime I ran. I was very worried my plans to run the Mount Beauty half marathon with my friend, Helen would not happen.  This was Helen's first half and we talked about our race plan and I warned her that I may have to pull out if my injury was too much.  But I made it. The run was hard, but my injuries didn't re-surface.  Very proud of Helen on her efforts in her first half!!!

Helen & I before the 2012 Mt Beauty Half

Training after Mount Beauty was still a struggle and I felt like a wreck every time I ran.  The gold coast marathon was not far away and I just didn't think I was ready to be running that distance... so a month before the race, I "down-sized" to the half.  I had originally planned to run with Nella so I felt bad leaving her without a running partner, but she understood and continued her training for the full marathon. 

In the weeks leading up to gold coast, I contined training and visited my chiropractor weekly.  Gradually my injuries were healing and I felt good about the run.

The day came and I had planned to meet another running friend, Bridget at the startline but she slept in! So, I started the run alone (with 10,000 other runners).... and at the 6km mark, I spotted Bridget! We ran the rest of the race together. It was so good to have someone to share the adventure with.  For probably 5km of that race, I hated running and swore I'd never run again - haha.  We finished in a time of 1 hour 49 mins. Stoked!

Me & Bridget after Gold Coast Half

After the race, Anthony and I went to watch Nella run past the 26km mark of the marathon. She was looking confortable and was still on target to do sub-4:15.  We met an ecstatic Nella at the end of the marathon. Very happy with a time of 4 hours 25 mins.

Me, Nella and her husband, Grant

Now feeling better with cutting back the training and focussing on shorter races.  Next goal: City to surf in August. Hoping to run a PB, sub 68 mins... wish me luck :)

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