Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lots happened...

in the second last week of January... it was a big week for me both in scrapbooking and in running.
My scrappy news is that one of my layouts was published for the first time in Scrapbook Creations issue 91. So very exciting to open the magazine and see my beautiful boy in a full page dedicated to my LO! Take a look:
...and a close-up of the LO:
It was on the 25th January when an article about marathon running was published in our local newspaper. My running partner, Nella and I had been contacted by the Kembla Joggers president who asked whether we would be interested in our marathon story being published in the Illawarra Mercury. Something a little different than the usual elite athlete's story, we were told.... and when I opened the paper that morning, to my surprise, there was a full page photograph of Nella and I running as well as a double page spread with the story of our first marathon! HUGE! Well.... huge for us and a fantastic keepsake for us to look back on in future years. Check it out:
The Australia Day aquathon was held on 26th and it was great to see so many people take part. So crowded! This year, I decided to team up with a swimmer friend, Dave Robson and for the long course team event which is a 900m swim in the harbour and 7km run. Dave swam awesomely but I struggled in the heat and humidity and couldn't help being a little disappointed... I managed to convince my bestie Sar and her hubby Dan to do the short course team event and they really enjoyed it (well, I took Sarah's smile as she ran past us high fiving all the kids as enjoyment)!!
But my most exciting news is that I finally broke that 5km goal time! I am so very happy that I can say that I have officially run 5km in a time of 22:48mins!!!
And that was all in one week! Well, looks like my year is over.... NOT! My new goal is to run 22:30min for 5km. No point giving up now, right?!?!
Can't wait to see what else 2012 has to bring... hopefully more good things :)

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