Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012... Bring it on!

It's day 4 of the new year already and there has been little time to think about what was achieved in 2011 let alone the goals for 2012. But, in between camping, unpacking and getting this house in order after Christmas, I thought I would attempt it... in this blog post.
So, here are my 2012 goals as well as a recap of my goals for 2011:
Of the 6 running goals, I achieved 4 - Completed the aquathon, ran the Sydney half marathon in under 1 hour 50 mins, ran the city to surf in under 70 mins and ran a full marathon.... I came within 3 seconds of my sub-23min 5km goal and was sick for the Gold Coast half marathon. Happy with that.
My 2012 running goals are:
  1. Complete the run-leg of the long course Australia Day aquathon in under 5min/km pace.
  2. Run two marathons in under my first marathon time (4hrs 19mins)
  3. Run a sub-23min 5km
  4. Run the Mount Beauty half marathon with Helen
  5. Run the Blackmores Half Marathon in 1hr45 or under
  6. Improve on my 2011 City to Surf time of 68:20.

I will be tweaking my training program depending on the upcoming event but my first addition is to include a weekly weight session - hoping this will improve my running efficiency. I will maintain my usual weekly training sessions (one long run, at least one speed session, one tempo run OR a run/swim, one yoga session and swimming - two swim sessions if time allows. Any inclement weather days, I will do pilates in place of training session).

Yes, well... my goal to scrapbook weekly did not eventuate. I put that down to starting back at work last year. I did however keep this blog updated with regular posts which I am very proud to have stuck to (pardon the pun!) so this year I will just aim to scrapbook fortnightly (hoping to line up fortnightly scrap session with Sar and Leesh) and keep maintaining my blog.
Smashed the 2011 reading goal! I ended up reading 7 books throughout the year:
- The Time Travellers Wife
- RUN!
- The girl with the dragon tattoo
- Twilight
- New Moon
- Eclipse
- Breaking Dawn
Attempting to go one better in 2012 and read 8! LOL... Starting off with: The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.
Hmmm... 2011 goal = total failure! Was to get this place organised. Well.... that just did not happen the way I would have liked. The garage is still filled with stuff, as is the spare room. Stuff! And worse, most of it is stuff we have not even needed this past year... so this year I am aiming to do a BIG DE-CLUTTER! I wonder if that will actually happen..
On top of that our other aim is to have our house plan for the land all done by the end of the year which will mean finding an architect, trips to showhomes and getting the plans through Council. Mmmmm yeah... good luck to us!
We all say we want to eat "healthier" but what does that actually mean? I think I have a reasonably balanced diet and I know where I can improve (ie: My sweet tooth can be trouble, especially before bed!) so I want to maintain my diet but cut out some of the sweets - I still want to enjoy what I eat and part of that is those little indulgences so just to cut back the number of times a week I eat those type of foods as well as cutting back on the serving size.
Also, I get a bit bored of the same meals week in week out and it always seems to be a to prepare the weekly menu plan so my goal is to try a new recipe each week just to spice things up a little.
Not much has changed here, I just want to make sure I keep spending quality time with the boys and do an activity with them each week whether it's simply colouring in or riding bikes or jumping on the trampoline... (not including the planned activities like playgroup, swimming, gymnastics).
...and aim for a once a month "date night" with my husband for just us.
Oh and one more thing... I want to try something I have never done before this year. Not sure what that will be yet but I will keep you posted LOL! I guess last year, this would have been running a marathon.
I hope I am not expecting too much as I often will try to do TOO much, but what's life without a few challenges, right?! I have big hopes for 2012!!! Bring it on!

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