Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad bad Mummy!

Ok, so it has been 3 weeks since my No. 1 son's 4th birthday and I still haven't blogged about it... feeling like such a bad Mum! So... happy birthday Jared!

Here he is with his new (and rather expensive) toy:

... and enjoying his party with his friends Ryan and Levi:

A few facts about Jared @ 4 years old:

Favourite colour: Green
Favourite toy: "Harold" (stuffed toy dog)
Favourite food: Iceblock
Who is your Best Friend: Ryan, Luca and Levi
If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?: Queensland
Favourite game to play: hide and seek
Favourite TV show: The Octonauts (?? ABC2)
Best thing about your party: the cake!

Things I love about Jared: Jared has such a kind heart and always thinks of others feelings. He is very active and can't sit still unless he is watching a movie or his favourite kids shows on TV. He loves playing games, going to the park and dancing to his favourite music. He also loves being creative with painting, drawing, paper crafts and "scrapping"! One thing he doesn't like is shopping! It's the only time he would rather just sit in the pram or trolley and be pushed around.
Thanks Jared for just being you - you make our lives interesting with all the funny things you say and do.

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