Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to reality....

You know you've had a fantastic holiday when you've put on a few kilos and couldn't care less.... but it's back to reality for me and my boys after returning from a 3 week holiday to Queensland. We have had such a hectic year with so many changes that we sooooo needed to just get away and enjoy ourselves!

Shopping at the factory outlets, swimming, visiting Dreamworld, swimming, catching up with old friends, swimming, sight-seeing and of course swimming were just a few of the things we enjoyed. Here is one of my favourite photos from our trip..... Anthony, me and our 2 water babies!

Needless to say I have 1001 things to do now that we are back and Christmas is fast approaching. OMG, just a wee bit overwhelmed! Still unpacking from the move to our new house and all that christmas shopping and get-togethers to plan. But it's all good. I LOVE this time of year!

Don't think much scrapbooking will be happening in the coming weeks and I am just a little disappointed I missed out on the Savvy xmas cybercrop and class.... so, here is a LO I did for my 52 week (52 Things About Me) album that is xmas related. Just because it is my most favourite time of the year!

Bye for now :)


  1. Great LO Linda. Welcome to the world of blogging. Nice that you found the Savvy train as it means you get comments nice and quick :)

  2. so cute linda. welcome to the blog world :)